How to effortless style a mini dress for everyday wear | Virgo Boutique Ireland

Keep your outfits short and sweet! From loose or form-fitting, plain or patterned, bold or neutral, a mini dress is a highly functional wardrobe staple that can be styled anyway! Mini dresses can be worn all year round with smart styling in the colder months of the year! Mini dresses are extremely versatile and can be worn hundreds of different says depending on your personal style. But for now we are just going to show you a few of our favourite ways to style them.

With Cowboy boots 

Styling mini dresses with cowboy boots can create a fun and unique look. Here are a few tips to help you pull off this fashion statement:

Look for a mini dress that complements your cowboy boots. go for dresses like  Floral mini dress, Black mini dresses and long sleeve mini dresses. Avoid wearing dresses with intricate detailing as they might clash with your boots.

Cow boy boots are becoming a popular look worn from a day to day setting or by summer festival goers. Cowboy boots are a must have piece in your spring summer wardrobe.

With trainers 

Styling a mini dress with trainers can create a chic and comfortable look that is perfect for everyday wear. Here are some tips to help you style your mini dress with trainers:

keep and eye out for a mini dress that complements your trainers. Go for dresses with a casual or comfy feel, Like smock mini dresses.

Choose trainers that match the style and colour of your dress. White trainers are perfect for this as they are versatile and can match almost any colour or pattern. 

With Wedges 

Pairing wedges with your favourite mini dress is the perfect day to night look that will carry you from spring straight through the summer months, Here are some styling tips to help you create that perfect look:

Look for a mini dress that complements your wedges.Pick a dress that's made from lightweight and breezy fabric such as cotton, linen, chiffon or satin mini dresses.

Choose Wedges that match the style and colour of your dress. Neutral or nude-coloured wedges are the perfect wardrobe staple and can match almost any colour or pattern. For a Brighter look, consider wedges with a pop of colour or bold pattern.

With a blazer

Styling a blazer with a mini dress is a great way to create a polished and sophisticated look. Choose a blazer that complements your mini dress: Choose a blazer that complements the style, colour, and texture of your mini dress. For example, if you have a floral mini dress, choose a blazer in a solid colour that matches one of the colours in the dress.

basically what we are saying is there a so many ways to style a mini dress that is unique to you! and we hope that you find some outfit inspo!