Communion Confirmation Ideas For Mothers, Aunts and Guests

Your little ones First Holy Communion is probably one of the most important days they will remember, the sacrament and celebration afterwards is a very special occasion for them and their family.   Year after year we are asked what should mothers wear for Holy Communion?, What outfit is appropriate for Holy Communion mothers & Guests ?, How much should I spend on my Holy Communion Outfit?, today we are going to answer all your questions and much more !  
What should mothers wear for Holy Communion ?
The answer to this is always varied as all women are different ages, shapes, sizes, heights and have unique style preferences, however there are a few tips we have picked up over the years! Holy Communion days are usually long days and we always suggest to choose something stylish yet comfortable as you could be wearing your outfit for over 12 hours, as our glorious Irish weather is always so unpredictable we find that a sleeve on outfits is always a requirement, or maybe a short bolero jacket or blazer just in case the weather doesn't behave. 
Our experience shows that trying on a few different style dresses is often the best start as it will show the best style that suits your body shape - often this can be totally different to what you would initially think, you will also find what shape is most comfortable on you. Colour is the next, Holy Communion season is usually April/May, bright summer colours and vibrant florals adorn our rails from January. These are very appropriate and also fun to wear. 
We have dressed thousands of fabulous mammies for Holy Communions and Confirmations and we have always noticed that there are a few common requests that all mammies share... 
Comfort is very important for any guest attending a holy communion, because it's usually a long day and if you are catering at home for the event you may even end up working for the day :-) We would always suggest something that fits correctly when you are first trying it on, you are far better off to be wearing your correct size and comfortable rather than wearing a style that you will be tugging at for the day. 
How Much Should I spend on My Holy Communion Outfit? 
Over the years we have sold styles from €40 to €400 and to be honest it's always down to what suits you, when our Boutique was open a lovely lady from  Waterford and she tried on many styles ranging in price from €180 to €49, my favourite style on her was the dress for €49 it fitted her perfectly, looked the best on her body shape and suited her colouring. So ladies we always suggest trying on several styles within your budget and go with what suits you best ! 

What to wear to a Holy Communion Party as a guest ? 
Holy communions are not as formal as weddings and the etiquette for dressing would be far more relaxed. There is no standard dress code for guests. Many guests even opt for dressy tops and capri pants or even skinny white jeans, however it is quite common for grandmothers, Aunts & God Mothers to glam up for the day wearing a dress, Holy Communions are fabulous family occasions where it's nice to put in a bit of effort in glamming up for the day.  
Accessorising Your Holy Communion Outfit
Accessories are usually tailored to your own taste, however we always suggest trying on a necklace or earrings with your outfit as often the right accessory will totally transform your outfit and ladies usually they are investment pieces as you will wear your accessory again and again. Clutch bags are also a staple accessory if you invest in a good staple clutch bag it will see you from occasion to occasion for years to come.